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Sally Boardman

Passionate about creating a world where we kinder to ourselves, one-another and the planet, Sally brings a wealth of experince to Our Thriving Adults. Originally working as a psychologist, Sally has studied yoga and meditation in India and Neuroscience and meditation with TM masters and Dr Joe Dispenza, international best selling author and speaker.

Welcome to Our Thriving Adults

We were born to shine. We were born with all the biological and neurological tools to enable us to create. To evolve. To thrive.

But we weren’t given the manual of how to do it.

Fortunately for us, the how is now here. It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive. Science is providing us with so many answers to the fundamental questions, our reality is being turned on its head, and our heads are being used to turn our lives around.

Join us as we implement the latest scientific findings to evolve our brains, our minds, our bodies and our lives.